who we are


At CTK, expressions of worship from many streams of Christianity are blended into a river of revival. To put it simply, the mission of this church is revival at every level for everyone.

about Christ the King Church

We are a body of believers who gather a few times a week to seek the face of Jesus. Whether it is in praise, communion, prophetic worship, the confession of our sins or anything else — He responds with His presence. When he comes into the room, signs and wonders follow. We are driven by the love of Jesus and dedicated to facilitating an atmosphere for God to move in and among us through signs and wonders. It is in him that we live and move and have our being.

The central hub of Christ the King is our Havre de Grace Campus at 410 Webb Ln, Havre de Grace, MD 21078. This is the principal location from which Pastor VanDyke and Bishop Estep preach. Additionally, church offices, the parsonage and our Prayer Chapel are located on the grounds of our North East Campus at 2805 Biggs Hwy., North East, MD 21901.



Complete in Christ

Redemption for all of every man's soul was fully purchased on the cross, giving us access to the Throne of Grace.


He is kind

He is not angry with us and he doen't lash out in rage. He does not inflict suffering on any person. He is by nature, both wholly and completely, perfect.


He wants to move

All we have to do is create a place where he can rest with his presence, interact with us and manifest in supernatural ways.


He delights in us

The idea of you began in the mind of Jesus and each person gives him unique, irreplaceable joy.